Nationalist advocates push for Texas to become its own country

Texas becoming its own country could soon be a reality if supporters get enough signatures.

The Texas Nationalist Movement held their first major field operation with hopes of gathering thousands of signatures over the next few months.

They want 75,000 signatures to be exact. They are operating on a deadline of December 1st, and they say they want this to be the talk of Texas next year.

It was a busy morning for Texas Nationalists volunteers. Their plan is to convince people that Texas should become its own country. Saturday volunteers from across the state gathered in 31 Texas cities to collect signatures. Their goal is to give Texans a chance to vote on it during the republican primary election.

“A little over ten years ago we all got together and essentially joined forces, as the Texas Nationalist Movement to go out there and pursue the political and legislative path,” said Daniel Miller, President of the Texas Nationalist Movement.

Many who stopped by like Gary Minter believe strongly in their opinions.

“We can become independent from this negligent, corrupt government that we have,” said Minter, supporter.

“We've been talking about seceding for a long time and it finally looks like it's getting started and we're glad to be a part of it,” said Joe Williams, supporter.

Others were on the fence about the idea of the lone star state separating from America.

“Concerning if Texas should separate from the rest of the United States I think it's up to the American Texas people,” said Bernhard Schlattl, neutral passerby.

Miller says many who sign the petition are dissatisfied with the government. He says Texas can thrive alone.

“It's less about what Texas, the grievances Texas has with the federal government and more about what kind of future Texas could build,” said Miller.

“I think Texas would make the best country in the world,” said Williams.

Volunteers across the state will continue the campaign until their December 1st deadline.If the issue makes the ballot, Texans could have a huge decision to make, come March.

“It's a democracy so people should go for that,” said Schlattl.