New leak found in repaired pipeline in Leander

Contractors found a leak in the section of 36-inch raw water pipeline previously repaired in 2021 in Leander.

Brushy Creek Regional Utility Authority said the pipeline supplies raw water from Lake Travis into the BCRUA water treatment facility, which is Leander's primary source for treated drinking water.

The leak is diverting about 1 million gallons of water from within the lake, or 3% of total pipe capacity, per day. 

BCRUA officials are conducting additional underwater assessments to confirm pipeline stability and will determine the best method for repair within 30 to 45 days.

The City of Leander recommends residents continue following the city's Phase 2 water conservation plan (once-a-week watering), minimize nonessential water uses, and monitor city channels for updates and information. 

Leander City Council will receive an update on the BCRUA pipeline at the next regular council meeting on Thursday, Aug. 18. 

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