New transitional shelter complex being built at Esperanza Community

Jay Navarro hasn't touched meth for 21 months, and he plans on continuing that streak.

"I got tired of my mom crying and I was like you know what, I have to stop, I'm not getting anywhere," he said.

He hopped on a bus to Austin, and very soon after became a part of the state-sanctioned campsite, also known as Camp R.A.T.T.

"The number one reason I think that I'm successful where I'm at right now is because of the fact that I'm not using drugs," said Navarro. "Ever since I got here things have gotten better. I eat every day, I sleep good."

Now he gets to see this site grow even more as the site will become a transitional shelter complex by the end of next year.

"We are going to be building 200 individual non-congregate shelters," said Max Moscoe, case manager with The Other Ones Foundation.

The name of this property will be The Esperanza Community. A wait list will be created and priority will go to the people already living here, but this won't just be another shelter. The Other Ones Foundation is leasing the property from the state.

"We are not only building shelter units, but we are offering wraparound services that include case management, housing navigations, work opportunities," said Moscoe.

Moscoe said the point of this community will be for people to get the tools they need to ultimately transition to stable housing. For people in Jay Navarro's position, it's the step in the right direction to create a new life.

"As long as I’m off the drugs I can build trust, I can build relationships, I can make connections with other people," said Navarro.

The Other Ones Foundation plans on finishing the project by the end of 2022.

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