Newnan mom's life-saving Mother's Day Gift

Elizabeth Melville learned last week she was a perfect donor match for her son Wesley. The five-month-old has a rare liver disease which, if left untreated, can cause liver failure.

"He was diagnosed at three weeks old with biliary atresia. The majority of those kids need a liver transplant, and he was one of the unfortunate ones who we knew was going to need one sooner rather than later," Melville told FOX 5's Deidra Dukes.

Wesley had his first surgery just weeks after he was born to create new bile ducts so his liver would drain properly.

"He had a surgery at three weeks old just before New Year's, actually right after Christmas," said Melville.

The Melvilles wound up back at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta two months later when the operation didn't work. Doctors determined Wesley would need a liver transplant.

His mom underwent testing and discovered she was a match.

"That was amazing that was a gift really. I felt like the weight had been just so long I just wanted to hear those words that I was a match," Melville said.

On May 10, the Newnan mom will undergo living donor transplant surgery donating a portion of her liver to her son.

Melville will undergo surgery at Emory University Hospital while Wesley's operation will be performed at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston.

"That would be the greatest birthday and Mother's Day gift I could ask for, a son who is well,” said Melville.