No Sentencing yet in SWAT Shooting Case

Tyler Harrell entered court Tuesday a convicted felon. 

The verdict handed down Monday was somewhat of a victory for his defense team. He was found guilty of a lesser charge of aggravated assault and not for attempted capital murder. Defense attorneys are trying to convince the jury to issue a light sentence for their client, probation not up to 20 years.

“Hogwash,” is how lawyer Skip Davis described attempts by prosecutors to portray Harrell as a major drug dealer. Harrell sat quietly as much of the day was spent arguing over the admissibility of evidence.

His defense challenged showing items of apparent drug use found in Harrell’s bedroom. There are text messages of alleged drug deals.  As well video clips recovered from a cellphone showing large sums of cash and weapons.

The case began in 2016. Police made an early morning raid of a home on Morrow Dr.  Harrell grabbed his AK-47 and shot SWAT team member James Pittman after police entered the house. Pittman has testified he walks with a limp now because a bullet struck his knee. 

At some point Pittman is expected to testify again about his life after being shot. There’s a chance a ruling from the jury could come as early as Wednesday, but there is also the possibility the hearing could grind into Friday.