Non-supercell tornado caught on camera in Liberty Hill

FOX 7 viewer Michael McCluskey caught what appears to be a non-supercell tornado on camera as a storm line approached Central Texas Thursday afternoon. 

He shared the video with FOX 7:

Initially, the video was believed to be showing a dust devil. FOX 7 Austin Meteorologist Adaleigh Rowe says otherwise. 

"[It's] probably a non-supercell tornado. Some people call them landspouts, analogous to a waterspout. A dust devil is usually smaller," she said.

A storm system is currently moving through the Austin area and is expected to bring rain, gusty winds up to 40 mph, and lightning between 2-7 p.m.


Some areas could get 1 to 2" of rain in the next 48 hours with the slow-moving storms. 

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