3 dogs killed, 3 people displaced after fire at North Austin home

Three dogs are dead and three people are displaced after a house fire near Katherine A Cook Elementary School. The Austin Fire Department said the fire happened around noon on Friday, July 1.

Jo Sanders lived in the home with her husband and granddaughter. They weren't home at the time the fire started. A neighbor called them about it. 

Sanders says all she was thinking was, "My dogs... We prayed all the way down here."

Firefighters say they were sent to the home due to the smoke alarm going off.

"In this case, residents were not home. We were notified there was a problem by a working smoke alarm, so it just shows how critical those smoke alarms are to get us going even before the residents have a chance to call," Division Chief Thayer Smith said.

More crews were called when they saw it was a structure fire. They knocked the fire down and searched the house.

Unfortunately, they found three dogs dead.

"They said they died of inhalation, so they just laid down and died. They didn't suffer," Sanders said.

She says she only had one of the dogs for a few weeks and had got it to help cope after another dog had passed away.

One thing that was salvaged was a frame with her wedding photo and 50th anniversary photo.

"All that mattered was us and the dogs. The rest of it can be replaced," Sanders said.

While investigators are still looking into the cause of this fire, officials say with Fourth of July weekend, they expect to have a lot of calls in the coming days.

"It's going to be a very hot weekend, it's going to be a very busy weekend unfortunately for us is what we're anticipating," Smith said.

Those who were displaced will be staying with family members.