NTSB investigating deadly San Marcos plane crash

Authorities are investigating a deadly plane crash that happened in San Marcos. It crashed just before 6 in the morning just after departing from the San Marcos Regional Airport.

Investigators say the plane hit the ground nose-first in the ALERRT first responder training facility, but it did not catch fire. The man flying the plane passed away.

The NTSB said the weather was foggy with just a half-mile of visibility at the time so investigators will be looking into that as a cause. 

Authorities say the air traffic control towers were closed when the airplane departed. However, they expected the pilot to check in sometime after take-off, but he did not. This indicated something had gone wrong.

The NTSB said most of air travel fatalities last year were from general aviation or small planes.

“It's like operating your own automobile instead of having a professional crew and drive," said Craig Hatch, air safety investigator with the NTSB.

The pilot’s name has not been released.

Authorities will be reviewing his qualifications, the maintenance of the plane, as well as factoring in weather before releasing a final report which could take more than a year.