Officials remind residents how to prevent the spread of Zika

Following Friday's storms, the Texas Department of State Health Services is reminding residents to get rid of any standing water to prevent the spread of Zika. 

The department says mosquitos with the virus can breed in as little as one tablespoon of water. The department says taking simple steps will help, like using screens on windows and doors, and using EPA-approved insect repellent. 

Here is a list of places they are reminding residents to remove standing water from:

  •     Gutters
  •     Pet water bowls
  •     Toys left outdoors
  •     Kiddie pools
  •     Spare tires and tire swings
  •     Plant pots and saucers
  •     Watering cans
  •     Bird baths
  •     Areas around outdoor faucets

They say to continue removing standing water at least every three days. For more information head here