‘Oh, my God’: Shocking reveal teased for ‘The Masked Singer’

Season 4 of “The Masked Singer” kicked off last week with little surprise to the identity of the first contestant sent home.

The Dragon costume did little to distract the panel and audience from the recognizable voice of hip hop artist Busta Rhymes.

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But in the competition’s second week, one contestant is prepared to give fans the biggest shock in the show’s history.

In a teaser clip released by FOX, a contestant is heard explaining why his performance was so dear to him. The panel and crowd notice the emotion coming from his voice.

Suddenly, the contestant sends the panel into a frenzy when he decides to take off his mask before voting has commenced.

The panel pleads for him to wait, but their reaction indicates they may not have stopped him in time.

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This station is owned by the Fox Corporation. This story was reported from Atlanta.