Look at winemaking process at Kuhlman Cellars in Texas Hill Country

It's grape harvest time in many Texas vineyards and at Kuhlman Cellars in Stonewall, Texas. 

Harvesting grapes is just the first step in the winemaking process and it's an exciting time.

Kuhlman Cellars is also home to winemaker Bénédicte Rhyne who is one of the few female winemakers in Texas. She's an expert on the Old World winemaking process and knows all all about the crushing of the grapes, the fermentation process and what is in the works at Kuhlman Cellars right now.

The Texas Hill Country vineyard has a lot of different wines it offers and has food and wine experiences including classes for learning more about winemaking as well.

For more information about Kuhlman Cellars you can go here.


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