One dead after excavation project collapse in Lockhart

UPDATE: 22-year-old Nathan Fryday of Edna has been identified as the victim in the deadly trench collapse. 

Fryday worked for Mercer construction. 



A construction worker was killed and another taken to the hospital after a collapse at an excavation site in Lockhart.

Lockhart Police say the collapse happened around 12:30 on Clear Fork Street near City Line Road. Crews were digging for a sewer line, making way for construction on a housing development in the area.

Police say after the collapse, one of the workers was rescued. First responders took him by helicopter to an Austin area hospital. The second worker died as a result of a second collapse, and was buried according to Police. First responders spent several hours recovering his body.

OSHA standards require support for excavation sites that are more than 5 feet deep. Lockhart Police say the site on Clear Fork Street was between 8-10 feet deep.

A Lockhart city worker, who wished to remain anonymous, tells Fox 7 when he responded to the scene he noticed there was no support in place to keep the soil from collapsing. Edna, Texas based Mercer Construction confirmed they were spearheading the project. They would not comment on allegations that proper support was not in place.

FOX 7 could not locate any violations or complaints for Mercer Construction in the OSHA database.

According to OSHA, roughly 52 collapses happen every year across the United States because the soil isn't properly secure. They also say two workers are killed every month in trench collapses.

OSHA is investigating the collapse in Lockhart. They tell Fox 7, it could take up to 6 months to complete.

The names of the workers have not been released.