One killed, two injured in Pflugerville stabbing

A man is dead and two others injured in an early morning stabbing. 

Friday morning people in the Villages of Hidden Lake subdivision east of Pflugerville woke to find themselves in the middle of a crime scene.

"It was scary, so scary," said Cameron Springer.

"All the commotion that was going on I wasn't sure what happened. I could see something on the neighbor's yard. I guess that was the man who passed away," said a neighbor who wished not to be identified.

Police tape was strung across several streets where stabbing victims left blood trails as they ran for their lives.

Travis County deputies say a man stabbed three other men who were staying with him inside this two story brick home on endless shore.

"All we have is that some sort of disturbance occurred and the person just started slashing and stabbing people."

One of the victims went door to door trying to get help. He made it four houses down before collapsing in a yard. He died on the scene.

Two other victims also knocked on houses. One of them made it several blocks away.  Both were taken to a hospital for treatment.

While deputies were piecing together what happened, the suspect returned to the scene. Deputies shielded his identity with a blanket as he was loaded onto an ambulance. Deputies say he had blood on him as well as stabbing wounds. 

"It's rare, but it does happen. That's why we tell our folks to be on alert because it does happen. It's not common, but in this case the individual didn't make it out of the neighborhood," said TCSO Deputy Roger Wade. "It's quite a relief that we won't have to make any more searches."

With the suspect in custody, deputies will try and determine why it happened. Neighbors area curious to know that answer.

"It's sad. It's senseless. It's probably something that shouldn't have happened," said a neighbor.