One man accussed of kidnapping, assaulting and robbing a transgender woman

Austin Police are investigating the kidnapping and assault of a transgender woman.

According to court documents the victim told police she met the man over a social networking site and later met up with him. She then said she was kidnapped by two men, robbed at gunpoint and then assaulted.  

Eventually, she was able to escape and call for help.

Rose Green, who identifies as a transgender woman, said stories like this are becoming all too common.

"Yes it is scary and yes it is sad that we are 2017 and this is still happening,” said Green.

Green said the LBGTQ community especially transgender black women are often victims of violence. "Safety is the forefronts of our minds the violent events that happen all across the country and even across the world to our community."

Green tells FOX 7 that she's had her own run-in with danger as well.

"I came home one night at about midnight and I was followed by a large white truck. They followed me all the way to my apartment and I was border line going to call the police because they were being very violent and very vulgar. I was scared for my life. "

Felicia Wolter who also identifies as a transgender woman said there are those out there that just want to hurt people and they look for people to victimize. "People who are looking for an easy target, people who are looking to do this type of violence often do it without a thought," said Wolter.

Drew Riely who was at the state capitol Friday said transgender woman can be as careful as they can, however, it’s not their faults if someone commits a violent act against them because of their gender or believe.

"It’s kind of an impossible to be safe all the time and when we get into a situation  where something bad happens to us we ask what did I do wrong? Rather than ask what we did wrong we should be holding the person who committed the crime or the act of violence accountable and ask what they did wrong," said Riely.

The man has been identified as 27-year-old Raymond Lee Deloach Jr.

He’s charged with kidnapping and robbery.

The second suspect has not been identified and Austin police are still searching for him. Anyone with information is asked to contact the APD Robbery Tip hotline at (512) 974-5092 or CRIME STOPPERS AT (512) 472-TIPS.