One person dead after truck crashes off overpass in Taylor

A woman is dead after the truck she was a passenger in lost control and fall off an over pass in Taylor.
The driver was recently released from the hospital with minor injuries.

It happened at the Carlos Parkway Boulevard overpass on the west side of town. The truck fell for about 30 feet before hitting Welch Street, the road underneath the overpass.

“I came down, one of my drivers he was here when the action had already happened and he was just telling me about it,” said Roy Hodge who works near crash site.

One person is dead Thursday evening after a truck lost control and fell from an overpass onto the road below, right next to the rail road tracks where Roy Hodge works.

“We came over to take a look at what was there,” said Hodge.

Taylor police reported a truck was turning onto Carlos Parker Boulevard before losing control at the overpass. “It was a very tragic situation where a young woman lost her life,” said Henry Fluck the Taylor police chief. The truck hit the guardrail and fell 31 feet to the road below.

The passenger, 18-year-old Kayla Wuensche, died at the scene. “I’d just like to express my condolences to the Wuensche family, they suffered a tragic loss of their 18 year old daughter it’s just hard to imagine what they’re going through,” said Chief Fluck.

The driver was taken to the hospital and was later released with minor injuries.

While the crash is still under investigation. Chief Fluck said weather may have played a part. “The road way was wet the vehicle lost control,” said Fluck.

So far police do not believe any other cars where involved.

Taylor police said this is their first fatal collision so far this year. Once they are down with their investigation they will send the case to the Williamson County District Attorney for review.