Oskar Blues Brewery canning water for Harvey victims

Oskar Blues Brewery, which has locations in Austin and Denver, is used to brewing up beer but when Harvey struck it did what it's done during disasters in the past. They stopped making beer and started canning water.

The water is being sent to Harvey victims in Houston.

Diane Ralston with Oskar Blues Charity Can'd Aid says, "Just seeing the utter destruction and everything that you've ever owned being wiped away in an instant is pretty...it's hard to look away from that and not want to help."

In the past, Oskar Blues has also provided water to Flint, Michigan when the city's water supply was found to have high levels of lead. It also assisted hurricane victims in South Carolina in 2015 and flood victims in Lyons, Colorado.

Oskar Blues Brewery isn't the only one that stopped canning beer. The Anheuser-Busch Brewery started shipping out water to areas hard hit by Hurricane Harvey.

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