Paramedic who recovered from COVID-19 donates plasma to help those still fighting

A local paramedic who recently recovered from COVID-19 is looking to help those still fighting the fight.

"By donating my plasma, I'm hoping it will improve someone who has a worse case of this virus," said Vivian Marcias, who was on shift in March when she developed symptoms for COVID-19. "I started to have a really bad headache, dry cough, my throat was sore."

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She was taken to a hotel EMS had set up for employees who had contracted the virus. The whole ordeal lasted about a week.

"I had a very mild case," Mancias said. "What was more stressful was not knowing about if my situation was going to improve or going to get worse."

Now Mancias is back in action, symptom-free, and clear to work. She looked to donate her plasma to help those still fighting the virus.


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"Plasma has been used in the past to help treat SARS, Ebola, and swine flu before vaccines are developed," said We Are Blood VP of community engagement Nick Canedo.

Before anyone who recovers from COVID-19 can donate their plasma, they will need to qualify. We Are Blood has a survey online for people to fill out.

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"Their plasma now possesses helpful antibodies that can be used to help treat current patients to help fight off the virus," Canedo said. 

For Mancias, she hopes others who have recovered from COVID-19 get inspired to donate and help those still fighting.


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