Paul Pelosi attack: David DePape interrogation recording released

David DePape admitted to attacking Paul Pelosi and told San Francisco police that he intended to hold Nancy Pelosi hostage, according to a recording of his interrogation made public Friday.

While speaking to a special investigator, DePape, 42, espoused conspiracy theories focused on the Democratic Party and Nancy Pelosi, who at the time was the speaker of the House.

Authorities had previously described DePape's statement, including that he wanted to break Nancy Pelosi's kneecaps, shortly after he was arrested at the Pelosis home on Oct. 28. But this is the first time the public can hear DePape's response to the officer's questions. 

Body camera footage showing DePape apparently assaulting Pelosi, a recording of Pelosi speaking with a 911 operator and surveillance footage showing someone identified as DePape breaking into the Pacific Heights home were all released Friday.

David DePape

David DePape in an undated photo. Anonymous source provided.

In the interrogation, DePape readily admitted to being the attacker and explained in step-by-step detail how he broke into the house. He also espoused his many false beliefs that the Democrats stole the election from Trump. He said he viewed Nancy Pelosi as the biggest of the liars. 

DePape's voice shows his eagerness to relay what happened in detail, and he gets emotional while talking about some of his unsubstantiated pro-Trump conspiracy theories. 

The tone was light and friendly.

Here is an excerpt of the back-and-forth between DePape told the detective. The dialogue is edited for clarity and length. 

POLICE: Do you know why you're in custody? 

DEPAPE: Absolutely.

I want to make sure you're OK… How did you end up there today? 

I know exactly what I did.

Was there a reason? Did you feel the Pelosis did something to you? 

Not me specifically to me. But to the American public honestly. She was the leader of the pack. 

How so? 

Fucking liars. It's insane. She has to be like….(unintelligible) with Trump being in office. What they did was so far beyond. It's just crazy…. It originates with Hilary. But Pelosi ran the lie, day in and day out. The person on TV lying every day was Pelosi. 

This is a record-breaking crime spree, the Democratic Party.. They are criminals. They were submitting fake evidence to spy on rival campaigns….yeah, Trump. …It's an endless fucking crime spree.. until they were able to steal the election.

What was your intention? Was your intention to make her change her ways? 

Well, I was going to basically hold her hostage. And I was going to talk to her.

Do you regret that you did this?

No, it needed to be done.  

But Paul, the person you attacked, is not a target. Do you know how many times you hit him?

No clue. I swung at him. 

[When the police arrived] Why didn't you just leave? 

Like the founding fathers. It's like they fought the British, They fought the tyranny. When I left my house, I went to fight tyranny.