Peaceful protest held at Austin capitol on 'day of rage'

Hundreds gathered at the capitol to protest against police brutality. The protest was peaceful despite many threats and today being declared a "day of rage" by a hacker group called "Anonymous".

This event was put on by the Black Lives Matter Austin Chapter.

Earlier in the week, the hacker group "Anonymous" called for violent protests or a day of rage. Social media warned military officials and others to avoid 37 different cities throughout the United States.

One of those cities was Austin.

Black Lives Matter says this hacker group went completely against their morals and their message. They hope people do not make them synonymous with violence because of a few who have hijacked their movement.

"We are definitely not violent. We didn't have anything to do that hoax that was put online. Nobody has any contact with me or toxin about that," said Davon Hardeman, one of the protest organizers. 

Earlier this week, the Austin Justice Coalition held a similar rally. The two organizations work closely together.