Pflugerville couple wins trip to Super Bowl

A Pflugerville couple won big time at Winstar Casino in January.

Reginald Rowlett and his wife Dena Hall-Rowlett say they go to the casinos about once a month, and when they heard the casino was doing a big game package giveaway, they thought why not give it a shot.

Rowlett says he was playing blackjack for about 14 hours when they told him he won, in disbelief he quickly called his wife to meet him at the winning table.

"I said, ‘I won the Super Bowl?’ She said, ‘no, you didn’t.' I say, ‘yes, I did.’ And she said, ‘oh, stop playing,’" says Reginald Rowlett, lucky giveaway winner.

Ten people had the chance to win the Big Game Package Giveaway at Winstar Casino.

"Matter of fact, it was like 10 people down there, and they said I was the one that reacted most. I said, oh, my god. No, I didn't. Yes, you know. Oh, my god. So, they made a slogan out of that," says Rowlett.

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Rowlett gets to bring a plus one, but who is joining him?

"My wife. I wish my dog could, but he can't go. He'll be with my son. So yeah, yeah," says Rowlett.

"You know, so they try to push me out of it, his friends, nope, I'm going, I like football as well," says Reginald's wife Dena Hall-Rowlett.

The couple says they're Cowboy's fans but for this trip they'll be cheering for another team.

"It's going to be Philadelphia, I'm going with Philly, I guess. Since my Cowboys are not in it. My second team is Philadelphia. So, I even bought jerseys," says Rowlett.

Reginald and Dena are excited to be getting the VIP treatment.

"We got five nights. Five days and four nights there, and they're putting us up in the Gila Resort and Casino. So, we get to play the casino, even there," says Hall-Rowlett.

The lucky couple shares what they're looking forward to on this trip.

"Hmm, meeting the team.  You know.  The players," says Hall-Rowlett.

"And me, it's being at the game. It will be my first time sitting at the first row," says Rowlett.