Pflugerville military family surprised by gift of new, mortgage-free home

A U.S. marine and his family were surprised by the gift of a new, mortgage-free home located in Pflugerville.

It was a welcome home for the Makaafi family.

"It feels very, very good to be in this house, in our house," said William Makaafi.

It was the ultimate surprise on Wednesday for U.S. Marine Corps Corporal William Makaafi and his family. The gift of their very own home free of charge. 

The family was able to tour the home, which is still under construction, but see it decorated from floor to ceiling in handwritten notes for their new neighbors in the Blackhawk Community in Pflugerville.

This was something Makaafi said he had no idea was coming. He and his family flew to Texas from California where they currently live with the expectation that he was going to just be interviewed to possibly get something like this. Now, he is the owner of it.

Operation Finally Home surprised this U.S. Marine Corporal, his wife and four kids with the home. 

"Being able to surprise these families just never gets old," said Dan Wallrath, Founder of Operation Finally Home.

Operation Finally Home has been building and renovating homes for military and first responders since 2005. Over those 17 years, the organization has completed over 435 projects in 34 states.

Makaafi says he's grateful. He says he values his family over everything and has always dreamed of having a home like this for his family.

"It's overwhelming. I just can't find words right now. I just feel warm," he said.

As a result of his service, Makaafi has not had it easy. He suffers from PTSD and a Traumatic Brain Injury, but that has never gotten the best of him. He says is ready for this new chapter.