Pflugerville PD closer to getting rifle resistant vests

The Dallas shooting of five police officers was a wake-up call for police departments across the country, that includes the smaller Pflugerville Police Department.
“It shook the nation, it shook Texas as a state, and it shook law enforcement,” said Chief Jessica Robledo.

Since swearing in earlier this year, Robledo has hit the ground running. This task is an important one for her: giving her officers the option to wear rifle resistant vests if needed. The vests officers wear on a daily basis right now, only protect from weapons like handguns, pistols and revolvers.

“That type of weapon will shoot a smaller round. But a rifle can be armor piercing,” said Robledo.

The Pflugerville city council approved a grant application to the state. The department hopes to  get 59 level four vest for their patrol officers. They need just under $25,000 to do so.

“It was voted on unanimously. Everybody approved of it, everybody was very much in favor of it,” said Jeff Marsh, city council member.

“Surrounding agencies have already purchased these types of vests for their officers and we are just trying to be fiscally responsible and proactive in that area,” said Robledo.

Robledo says every day cops go to work to make a difference, and she hopes these vests can give officers the option to feel a bit safer in dire circumstances.

“You come to work to serve, you don't come to work to die,” said Robledo.

The city submitted the grant already. They are optimistic about its’ approval.