Pflugerville PD seeks to combat crime with new digital watch program

The Pflugerville Police Department is attempting to have more eyes and ears in the neighborhood by launching a Digital Neighborhood Watch program. Both home owners and business owners can register their cameras to share surveillance video with the department.

PISD Detective Dan Griffith said the department started the program to help create a database of locations the next time a crime hits the area.

The officers can spend less time canvasing. "It's like having a thousand people pointing at the suspect saying that's the guy who did it, camera's not going to lie," said Griffith. "We are encouraging our Pflugerville residents and businesses to sign up for this program that way we can keep these will be one of the many tools to keep Pflugerville citizens safe."

More than 100 Pflugerville homeowners have signed up so far including Antony Nguyen.

Nguyen helped Greenridge Home Owner’s Association install cameras in their park. "I think it's a great idea and I think that more people can sign up the better it will be for the community to help solve crimes,” Nyugen said.

The Greenridge HOA was able to capture a number of people vandalizing the park.

If anyone would like to sign-up for the program, click here.