Pflugerville police arrest suspect accused of firing gun inside IHOP

Pflugerville Police have arrested a man accused of opening fire inside an IHOP restaurant Limestone Commercial Drive Tuesday night.

Police identified the suspect as 19-year-old Mathew Sheedy.

Sheedy requested to sit in a waiter's section with some friends. Police said Sheedy spoke to the waiter about buying drugs but the waiter told him he didn't have any.

Sgt. Jared Bruno said Sheedy later returned to the restaurant to confront the waiter.

"They met in the restroom with the intent to rob him of narcotics when the victim could not provide the narcotics Sheedy displayed a pistol and demanded the victim's money," Sgt. Bruno said.

A fight broke out and multiple shots were fired.

Police say the employee took the gun from Sheedy then Sheedy made a run for it.

Police arrived as soon as Sheedy rushed out the front the doors.

"The response time was incredibly fast officers were on it they got there as qucikly as they could and they were able to apprehend the suspect after he left the building," Sgt. Bruno said.

The victim suffered minor injuries.

Sheedy faces charges of aggravated robbery and possession of marijuana.