Pflugerville police investigating after two dogs potentially poisoned

The Pflugerville Police Department is warning pet owners to watch for any foreign food or objects in their yards.

This comes after two dogs in the Creekside neighborhood were potentially poisoned by laced meatballs thrown over their fence.

“These four legged characters that are in our home, whether it's a cat or any other four legged character, they become family,” said Peter Corpus, who lives in the Creekside neighborhood and works as a dog trainer for A Pack Nation. 

Corpus said he was very concerned when he found out two of his neighbors four legged family members may have been poisoned.

“On one particular occasion, a meatball was thrown over the fence and it had poison in it. Two dogs of the household went outside, they both ate from it, one died, the other is recovering,” Corpus said. 

The yard where those dogs live backs up to the Creekside bike path, as does Peter's yard. Because Pflugerville police have not named any suspects, Peter worries it could happen again.

“That could be an isolated incident or… anybody could travel to another location and do the same thing, which is horrible,” said Corpus. 

Corpus suggests pet owners take extra precautions to keep their animals safe.

“I recommend go outside with them, don't just send them out, especially in the morning or in the evening. Whenever you go out with them to go potty and what have you, walk the perimeter, look around, watch your dog, make sure if you see them smelling something go over there and check it out. You might even want to call them off and then see what it is,” Corpus said. 

Pflugerville police said they are investigating the incident with help from Pflugerville Animal Welfare Services. They ask people in the area to keep a look out for any suspicious activity and report anything abnormal to the police department.

“I certainly hope they find whoever did this and of course bring them to justice,” said Corpus. 

Other cases of dogs becoming very ill have been reported in Pflugerville, but so far there haven't been any other confirmed poisonings.

Peter hopes no one else has to go through the heartbreak of losing a pet in such a horrific way.

“I feel really sad that it happened, sorry for the family that it happened to, and I hope they find peace in some way over their lost pet,” Corpus said.   

About two years ago, there was another report of two dogs being poisoned when balls of cheese laced with rat poison were thrown into a backyard along a Pflugerville greenbelt.