Pflugerville senior living facility dealing with multiple burst pipes

A Pflugerville senior living facility is facing the aftermath of the severe winter storm Texas braced all last week.

Saturday night, multiple units faced pipe bursts and flooding after their water was restored. Now, many of the units have no water or power.

"It's a nightmare for everybody," said Debra Braswell, who has lived at the Cambridge Villas Senior Living for two years. After a long week of no power and water, everything was restored Saturday and Braswell says her plan was to enjoy it.


"I went in thinking I was going to go sit down and watch a lovely movie, you know, maybe a glass of wine, and then I walked into a flood," she said.

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Just like many other complexes in the senior living facility, the restored water caused pipes to burst and flood her entire apartment. "It's just a nightmare. I don't know when it's gonna end," said Braswell.

Over the past few days, dozens and dozens of volunteers have been at the Cambridge Villas to help the residents. Some, like Nicole Negrete, were actually here when the flooding started. "It felt like chaos because, at first, we were just kind of handing out dinners and then all of a sudden, this alarm started ringing. Water was just streaming out of apartments," she said.


Volunteers say they did their best to help as many people as they could get water out of their apartments. The next day, volunteers were back to help in any way they could.

"It's pretty horrible to feel so helpless which is why we're so thankful that so many people from Pflugerville, and even surrounding areas, from what we've learned, have started stepping in to try to help us," said volunteer Rowena Drake, who is also Braswell's daughter.

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Tons of people came out to help. The complex has around 200 apartments, and volunteers say they will continue to go door-to-door to make sure everyone has what they need until this mess is solved.

"We're thanking God now that we have dry weather and we have the sunshine. We have God and a lot of volunteers, and we're so happy that they're here helping," said Braswell.