VIDEO: Pflugerville toddler nails cheerleading moves with big sister's team

Two-year-old Liam Rodriguez has no problem keeping up with the Kelly Lane Middle School cheerleading team. His sister, 12-year-old Amaya, is right next to him.

"Liam has a crazy memory," said Michelle Rodriguez, their mother.

Liam has three older sisters, and they're a dance family, so it's only natural he would pick up some moves watching Amaya practice in the living room.

"She'll come home and do the new cheer, and he'll watch a few times and pick it up," Michelle said.

"It's really fun actually, he's so funny, I love him so much," Amaya said. "He's just so smart, it's very cool that he does that."

The coach invited Liam out to the field in the video. His mother had no idea the video would be so widespread.

"It's a little overwhelming, but it's exciting. He makes us so happy," Michelle said. "He’s like the biggest ball of joy, and everybody he meets, he makes so happy. With all the crazy bad things that have happened to us in the past few years, he’s just a ray of sunshine, and I’m just so happy he’s able to spread that around. Maybe that’s what his purpose is."

Liam was born prematurely at 27 weeks, only weighing two pounds and four ounces.

"He was expected to be delayed until he was three, cognitively, developmentally, verbally, but even his therapist at one was like, he's incredible, we don't think we even need to do therapy anymore," Michelle said.

Liam started walking and talking early, even say "pom pom" early on.

Now, he's always practicing cheer moves.

"He practices more than [Amaya]," Michelle said with a laugh.