Pflugerville vandalism victim signing up for new digital neighborhood watch program

Surveillance video captured by Sandra Rivera shows what appears to be two people shattering her glass with bricks. Fox 7 Austin spoke to her on Wednesday.

"I came home in the morning, at 6:30 pulled up and I saw the brick in the driveway, just happened to look up and notice my son's bedroom window was smashed," said Rivera.

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She believes she was targeted, because no one else in her cul-de-sac had broken windows.

"It looked like two guys, it could be a girl and a guy, I don't know, I really don't," said Rivera.

Since the incident, Rivera says she is sure she will now register her camera with the Pflugerville PD's digital neighborhood watch system.

"Let’s say there is another camera in that neighborhood, we may be able to see another angle," said Sgt. Jared Bruno, with the Pflugerville Police Department.

The Pflugerville Police Department is building a database of surveillance cameras in the city. They said after months of preparation, they are now starting to use the program.

“We map it in our database. If we have an incident that occurs, we can say ok well there are cameras here, here and here. We can instantly make contact with those people before sending detectives out before trying to do a canvas of the neighborhood,” said Bruno.

When the system first started up, there were just over 100 cameras registered, now it's at 242. Police say the program gives them more eyes and ears on their community. So vandals and thieves, can be faced with the threat of not only police, but Pflugerville citizens banding together. Rivera's video may not show faces, but it provides something useful for cops.

"I have a camera obviously and they seemed to know where the camera was because they hid their faces when they looked in that direction," said Rivera. 

The suspects have not been caught. If you know anything, call police.