Pflugerville's "Colored Addition" overdue for a restoration effort

Tuesday night, the Pflugerville City Council voted to hire a company to evaluate the needs of the historic Colored Addition. “You’re talking more about infrastructure, landscaping, you're talking about putting in sidewalks, gutter systems. What are we doing regarding water pipes and infrastructure necessary to have a fire hydrant?” said Rudy Metayer, council member.

The Colored Addition is off of FM 1825 and was, in 1910, designated settlement for African-Americans, not allowed to move into town.

“That's just an area that seems forgotten in Pflugerville, even given its rich history,” said Metayer.

The hired organization will begin their evaluation in July.

Pflugerville resident Meme Styles feels council's decision is a step in the right direction, but she hopes more will be done for the nearby colored addition cemetery too.

The area approved for assessment does not include the cemetery. “Black Pflugerville has been very focused on just the cemetery and making sure that the cemetery is preserved,” said Styles.

Metayer said he is working on a solution for the cemetery, but is not releasing the plan just yet. He is excited to start taking these steps, and hopes the plot of land entirely, can get state recognition one day.

“It's a part of our history that we want to keep and respect,” said Metayer.

“We want that entire area to be designated as a historic landmark,” said Styles.

The city council welcomes public comment on this issue.

If you wish to share thoughts, contact them directly.