Photo of hotel coffee maker allegedly shows fungus, mold: 'This is why you check'

Nothing like a moldy cup of coffee to start your day.

A revolting photo of an apparently mold-covered coffee machine recently posted on Reddit has caffeine addicts trying to recount the last time they stayed in a hotel.

“And this is why you check the hotel coffeemaker before you use it…,” the post was captioned by Reddit user henryriver.


“You know it took weeks, if not months for this for this ecosystem to develop...” the original poster of the photo wrote, along with what he believed to be living in the pot – “Mold, fungi, etc.”

The picture, which was posted on Monday, has gathered nearly 13,000 upvotes on the popular forum website and hundreds of comments both expressing disgust for the fungi-filled coffee machine and sharing their own alarming hotel experiences.

“Jerk, why'd you tell me that? GIVE MY BACK MY IGNORANT BLISS!” one person lamented.

“Well excuse me while I retroactively gag for every single cup of coffee I’ve made in my past 20 years traveling,” another seconded.

“I worked at a small motel that had Keurigs in every room. The last time they had been descaled and deep cleaned was 4 years previous. I took time when I was there doing the overnight shift to clean all of them,” one commented.

“Business traveler here. There are 2 things I always check. Coffee pot and ice bucket. Your example of the coffee pot is exactly why I check,” one helpful traveler commented. “I have also heard a story from a hotel worker about a guest who pissed in the coffee pot AND the water container of the iron. A guest tried to iron his shirt and noticed something was wrong. Shirt was ruined from ironing piss onto it.”

“My friend found dirty diapers in the hotel ice container the other day,” another person shared.

Though the poster did not share an update, it’s probably safe to assume he went out for coffee that morning.

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