Plane crash leaves one person with minor injuries

A pilot of a small single engine plane was forced to make a crash landing in a Pflugerville neighborhood Sunday afternoon.

Aaron Stephens was home alone Sunday afternoon when the unexpected happened. "You don't expect a plane to land in front of your house," said Aaron.

The small plane crashed less than a hundred yards from his home.

"And I go over to the mail box across the way and I see the plane and I was like 'Oh'," said Aaron.

Pflugerville police say around 3 p.m. a single engine plane needed to make an emergency crash landing.

The plane crashed at the intersection of Pleasanton Park Way and Benica Street just east of Weiss Lane in Pflugerville. The roads remained closed for several hours.

Officials say the pilot was attempting to make an emergency landing after taking off from Austin Executive Airport. The only person on board was the pilot, who walked away with only minor injuries.

Paul Stephens who could see the wreckage from his front yard says he's glad that no one else was hurt.

"You don't expect it to be so close to your own home. He performed a miracle," said Paul. He says he's amazed that the plane didn't hit any homes, or power lines that were in the area.

"I'm glad he's ok the pilot seems to have maneuvered very well through the power lines and the houses here," said Paul.

Officials say the plane's wing did hit a parked car.

The reason for the crash is still unknown.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the crash.