Plane makes emergency landing

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating what cause a plan to lose power as a pilot left ABIA Tuesday afternoon. That pilot had to make an emergency landing.

On Tuesday afternoon, the pilot of a Beechcraft Bonanza made the quick decision to land his plane in a field off the 130 toll road in Southeast Travis County.

"The plane had taken off from ABIA. As they took off, they lost power to their engine. The pilot declared emergency, started turning back around, to make it to the airport. Realized he did not have enough power to make it back," said Austin Fire Department Division Chief Palmer Buck.

After reaching the ground, the pilot struck a fence post causing the plane to spin around.

The tower at ABIA lost contact with the plane leaving emergency responders to search for it. When they arrived things were better than expected.

"The pilot and the passenger were roughed up, but have refused any medical treatment," said Buck.

The pilot was only described as being in his late 30s. The passenger, firefighters say, was in his late 40s.

"Kudos to the pilot for basically a dead stick landing without power to a field. It didn't hurt anybody and it didn't hurt himself or the passenger. So good work," said Buck.