Pokemon Go players discover body near New Braunfels

Two arrests have been made in connection with the murder of a New Braunfels man. His body was found in a cemetery last week by people playing Pokemon Go. Now the victim's family is reaching out to FOX 7 hoping justice will be served.

"He was the best. There was nobody like Chris and anybody will tell you that," says Leesa Burgess, mother of victim.

34 years of beautiful memories, that's what Christopher Lowe leaves behind.

"It's amazing, the testament, because I've had people knocking on my door all hours of the night giving me their condolences. They are so shocked that this happened to him," says Burgess.

Leesa Burgess finds comfort in knowing her son touched the lives of many. Hundreds of people shared stories on social media to show their love and support.

"I knew my son was good and I knew he had a good heart. He didn't know a stranger. I mean, he would meet someone and then ten minutes later he would say, 'hey mom, meet my friend.' It was always friend with him," says Burgess.   

It was last Thursday when two people playing Pokemon Go at the St. Joseph's Cemetery in Comal County discovered a body. It was later identified as Lowe. Detectives quickly ruled it a homicide.

"I'm grateful in a way for that. That it was found so much sooner than a decomposed body that I would have had to go and identify. I couldn't have handled that part, couldn't have handled that," says Burgess.

The autopsy revealed that he died from blunt force trauma and multiple stab wounds.
We're told Lowe's sister expressed her sadness on social media, prompting someone to come forward with information.

Detectives then obtained warrants and made two arrests Saturday. 36-year-old Luis DeLeon and 29-year-old Sunee Schriewer remain in the Comal County jail. Lowe's family hopes no one else will have to go through a loss like theirs.

"The death penalty. I don't see why they'd get to take one more breathe when my son has no more left," says Burgess.

Lowe's funeral is set for Sunday.