Police: Arlington, Plano murders may be connected

Arlington police are looking into a case that may be connected to the quadruple shooting at an apartment complex in Plano.

Police said the bodies of 25-year-olds Joshua Daniels and Winston Davis were found Thursday morning in a car outside an apartment complex near Lamar Boulevard and Collins Street. Both men had been shot.

Police do not believe the murders were random and think the victims may have been specifically targeted. A cell phone from one of the victims was found inside the vehicle and police said Franklin Barnes, 18, had been in contact with him.

Detectives are now looking into the possibility that the two in Arlington were killed by Barnes, who allegedly shot four people at the Cross Creek Apartments in Plano Thursday afternoon. One of the victims died. Barnes, 18, was later arrested in McKinney and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Police said additional charges are pending.

The brother and sister of Josh Clopton told FOX4 that Josh was robbed of his jewelry and his friend Winston had his shoes stolen.

Daniels' older brother Jon says a neighbor knocked on his door telling him his brother and his friend were sleeping in a car in the parking lot with the engine still running.

"I'm thinking carbon monoxide something like that, man, I hurry up and open the doors. I opened both doors and I hit Winston and I said hey man wake up when I hit him, his shirt was wet and I looked back and I saw my brother and I knew my brother was already gone,” Jon Clopton said.

Arlington PD still don’t know what the motive is behind the shooting deaths.

"That's the million-dollar question why did it occur? How did it happen? Why would someone shoot six people in a day? I don't know? I don't know if we'll ever get an answer. We were not able to get an interrogation or an interview with the suspect last night, we will continue to look at some of the high-risk activity that could've been occurring when this tragedy occurred,” said APD Lt. Chris Cook.

Daniels' siblings say Josh had gotten out of jail recently and had been turning his life around and both men were expecting children soon.

Plano police have not released any updates on their investigation, except to say they also have not determined the motive for the shootings.