Police believe Franco-Luviano still in Georgetown/Austin area

40-year-old Silvestre Franco-Luviano's violent crime spree began Sunday night in North Texas. Police believe he killed a man in a Hummer while firing at vehicles.

Later that night in Cedar Hill, he pulled up to 44-year-old Welton Betts while he was pumping gas.  Surveillance cameras were rolling as Franco-Luviano killed Betts in cold blood, forced his wife out of the car and took off.

"He showed us that he is absolutely capable and willing to do whatever it takes to get away and to do what he wants," said Lt. Colin Chenault with Cedar Hill Police.

After killing Betts, police say he broke into a nearby home to steal the keys to a silver Lexus. Fast forward to Monday morning about 160 miles away in Georgetown, witnesses reported seeing a landscaper at Bealls get robbed at gunpoint and then kidnapped by a man in a silver Lexus.

After dropping the victim off at a 7-11 safe and sound, law enforcement found the Lexus dumped in a neighborhood on Hedgewood Drive.

"His car was parked right in front of my door right here," said Janet Pierce who lives on Hedgewood.

When Pierce saw the commotion Monday afternoon, her grandchildren were outside playing.  She brought them inside.

"I saw the officers and the SWAT Team and I was like 'What's going on?' because you don't find stuff like that in this neighborhood," she said.

Pierce says officers were looking for him in the unit upstairs from her.  But she says a relative lives there -- who doesn't know the suspect.

"The police officers told her they were just checking up there and like I said, why didn't they just check our door? That's what scared me because he may have gone up there, she said that he may have gone up there and went out the back door and jumped over the balcony," Pierce said.

FOX 7 was there Monday as members of the Central Texas Regional SWAT prepared for an encounter with Franco-Luviano that never happened. He's still on the loose. 

Lt. Colin Chenault with Cedar Hill Police told FOX 7 by phone on Tuesday they don't believe this guy has the financial means to go very far.

"If they see something suspicious, if they see someone around cars...we feel like he's probably going to be looking for some sort of mode of transportation.  They just need to be mindful and watchful especially in the Georgetown/Austin area which we feel like that's probably where he is," Chenault said.

"Scared.  I'm very scared.  I'm worried about my kids.  I feel very insecure right now over this.  And now I have to keep my doors locked, I don't even want to answer the door if somebody's knocking late at night.  I hope they have more officers cruising the streets," Pierce said.

Police say it's possible Franco-Luviano has family in the Williamson County area. The man is armed and considered very dangerous.  If you see him or know where he is, call 911.