Police search for two suspects in North Austin shooting

The Austin Police Department is looking for two people believed responsible for an early morning shooting. The man who was shot is in the hospital with life threatening injuries.

Police say there are two locations involved in the shooting. 

The first was at an Applebee's parking lot off of I-35 North. Police say the victim went there to meet his friend at around midnight.

At some point a third person showed up saying he wanted the victim's watch and threatened to shoot him. Police say the victim tried driving away but was shot multiple times.

Officials say it's unclear what the purpose of the meeting in the parking lot.

Shortly after that incident, police say a hospital in Norhtwest Austin called 911 to report it had a gun shot victim. The hospital was unable to treat the victim so he was taken to a hospital in Round Rock.

Police say the victim was only able to drive about three and half miles after being shot and that the victim called a friend for help to drop him off at a hospital.