Police seek suspect who shot Alaska police officer

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Police in Alaska's second largest city say a man who shot and seriously wounded an officer and drove off in his patrol car is still at large.

Sgt. Allen Brandt, an 11-year veteran of the Fairbanks Police Department, was shot multiple times as he patrolled in a squad car in a residential neighborhood just east of the city's downtown commercial area. After initial treatment in Fairbanks, he was flown to Anchorage in serious condition.

Police on Monday said his condition is stable. The patrol car was found nearby.

Police described the suspect as an Alaska Native man about 20 years old.

Police have released few details on the shooting but made public dashboard videos recorded from Brandt's patrol car.

The first silent, black and white video shows Brandt slowing the squad car as a man walks toward him on the sidewalk, his bare hands at his side.

The car stops and the man, wearing a cap and a heavy, black jacket, reaches with his right hand toward his coat pocket. He moves forward out of camera range.

Seconds later, the camera records the man dashing in front of the patrol car toward the driver's side, with both hands clasped around a handgun.

Police say the suspect drove off in Brandt's patrol car and abandoned it a few blocks away.

A second video released by police shows the patrol car after it has stopped. The suspect crosses in front of the car, striding away quickly, illuminated by headlights.

Multiple witnesses called dispatchers to say they heard shots. A radio transmission from Brandt followed, reporting he had been shot, police said.

Police on Monday were preparing to release more details on the incident, said administrative assistant Yumi McCulloch.