Police still searching for Sixth Street shooter

Austin Police Association President Ken Casaday is tired of the violence that keeps unfolding on "Dirty Sixth."

“It's been very common for the last year, the department has tried different tactics, adding more officers down there," Casaday said. "You can move them to one location and then it happens at a parking lot on another side of Sixth Street."

The latest incident was a shooting, around bar close early Sunday morning when officers got a shots fired call just outside of the “Terminal Six” bar.

“Upon arrival they found two victims with gunshots who were lying in front of 6th Street,” said Lt. Jeff Greenwalt with the Austin Police Department.

“I was about 25 yards away when the person was shot. Me and the other officers were standing at the intersection of San Jacinto and Sixth Street, the normal location we stand when the bars are closing,” said Casaday.

According to witnesses, a man was shot and the same bullet also hit a woman. 

Video from a Fox 7 Austin employee shows the aftermath, with people trying to help one of the victims lying on the ground. Casaday said immediately after the gunshot was fired, the crowd did not cooperate.

“There was just absolute disrespect for the police officers and the people who were shot," Casaday said. "Some of the language being used and refusal to get out of the crime scene led to horses having to be brought in."

Casaday also said many onlookers recorded the aftermath and the victims, instead of trying to help.

“Put your damn camera down and try to give some first aid or some help instead of causing problems,” Casaday said. "It’s today's society, I think we are going in the wrong direction."

Police say the shooter has been described as a thin black male with dreadlocks. If you have any information, call 512-472-TIPS.