Poll: People outside of Texas have an increasingly positive view of our state

People don't want to mess with Texas, in fact, a new poll shows that most people who live outside the Lone Star State think positively of it.

The national poll conducted by Crosswind, a communications firm based in Austin, found that 59% of Americans outside of Texas have a positive view of the state.

That's a 14% increase from when they did the same poll last year.

The survey asked 845 Americans who live outside the state what they think of Texas.

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65% of those polled believed Texas would be a good place to start a business, 64% believed Texas would be a good place to raise a family and 70% said they believe Texas is a popular travel destination.

The poll numbers showed non-Texans believed Dallas was a worse place to raise a family than Houston, Austin and San Antonio.


Overall, 55% of non-Texans in the US believed the state is headed in the right direction compared to other states.

That's a 25% increase from what people thought just 2 years ago.