#pollperks campaign launched to help local businesses and get out the vote

The bipartisan campaign #pollperks is aimed at getting Central Texans to the polls while also helping local businesses in Austin and San Antonio. Voters can show off their "I Voted" stickers and get a discount, freebie, or a treat.

All participating businesses are voluntarily taking part to help their staff and the community at large during a particularly hard time for restaurants and shops, so #pollperks also asks Austinites and San Antoninians to show up and show out for their local businesses. Additionally, Austinites and San Antonians are encouraged to redeem only one offer. 


Participating businesses require patrons to present their “I Voted’ sticker and it is one discount, treat, or freebie per voter at each participating business. The promotion runs during the length of early voting which began October 13 and ends November 3.

The full list of businesses and updated offerings can be found here but currently, the participating businesses are:

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  • Austin Bouldering Project: 50% off day passes before 3pm, valid until 5pm with proof of “I Voted” sticker *one time use per person* | October 13 through November 3
  • Austin Couch Potatoes: Free memory foam pillow and face mask; if visitors tag @ATXCouchPotatoes on Instagram with a photo of their new pillow and "I Voted" sticker they will be interested to win a $100 gift card to Austin Couch Potatoes | October 13 through November 3
  • Bao’d Up: Complimentary homemade “VOTE” Baonut - fried sweet bao with cinnamon spice - with every order, any location | October 27 through November 3 
  • Counter Culture: Free hot cup of high quality Zhi tea when visitors take a photo in front of the restaurant’s wall with the “I Voted” sticker | October 13 - October 30 
  • Home Slice Pizza: Exchange sticker for free slice of pizza & photo opportunity in front of an “I Voted” sticker collage | October 13 - November 3 
  • East Austin Hotel: Enjoy 10% discount on your order (orders with alcohol must contain a purchase of food) by showing the “I Voted” sticker | November 3, Election Day only
  • Nate’s Baked Goods & Coffee: Complimentary Royal Iced "I Voted" or "Yo Voté" Sugar Cookie shaped like the sticker | October 13 and Election Day on November 3
  • The Soup Peddler (all six locations): Complimentary 8 oz soup with proof of “I Voted” sticker | October 13 through November 3 
  • SPREAD & CO.: 10% discount off any orders with “I Voted” sticker | October 13 through November 3 


San Antonio

  • Artisan Distillery: 15% off cocktails for those who present and leave their “I Voted” sticker | October 13 through November 3 
  • San Antonio Museum of Art: $2 off admission with “I Voted” sticker | October 13 through November 3 
  • Ocho / Hotel Havana: 10% discount to Ocho Restaurant and 10% off of retail at Hotel Havana | October 13 through November 3     


Across Texas

  • EVO Cinemas: Free Movie Pass with proof of “I Voted” sticker (must be used same day and cannot be redeemed for future visits) | October 13 through November 3

Voters are encouraged to take a photo of their “I Voted” sticker, a photo of their goodie, and use the hashtag #PollPerks.