Potential for snow flurries has Hill Country on high alert

The potential for snow flurries has the Hill County on high alert. Emergency crews are keeping an eye on the weather and are ready to act in case they are needed.

In Gillespie County they spent Thursday checking their equipment to be on the safe side because they want to be prepared if things take a turn for the worse.

There's a storm brewing over the Hill Country. “Possibly we can see some snow and possibly accumulation of that snow,” said David Wisnoewski the Gillespie county assistant emergency management coordinator.

As the winds howl and the temperatures drop Thursday many people in the area are preparing for what may come. “I try to go through all the things at home, make sure all the pipes are wrapped, all the outdoor spigots are covered, the well house has got heat in it, and I take care of all my animals set up heaters for them and take care of them,” said Wisnoewski.

While Wisnoewski is taking care of his home he is also taking care of things for the county. “We go through all the apparatus to make sure everything is alright and that way if we need them tonight we'll be able to do what we have to do,” said Wisnoewski.

Wisnoewski said their emergency crews are on standby Thursday night. “In addition to that we have public utility crews on standby to do whatever we need them to do,” said Wisnoewski.

When it comes to cold weather events, what concerns crews the most are bridges.

The reason is bridges tend to ice over more so than a road.

“The temperature underneath the bridge is much lower than on the ground. The ground insulated the road and keeps it from freezing but with the air passing underneath the bridge it's just colder,” Wisnoewski. While they aren't expecting anything severe, Wisnoewski said they aren't taking any chances. Overnight, TxDOT will be keeping an eye on the state roads in case things take a turn over here in the Hill Country.