Potential light-rail system coming to Austin

After a failed attempt to launch a light-rail system in 2014 Capital Metro is taking a second look at high capacity transit. 

Cap Metro Communication Specialist Amy Peck said the agency’s Project Connect is in its initial stages. Draft designs of the project were shown in an advisory board meeting Monday but Cap Metro did not intend for the public to release the images until finalized. 

"The goal of this project is to develop a high capacity transit system, a connected system for Central Texas and that's to help get people into the city, out of the city and around the city every day," said Peck.

However, images of the light rail system design from N. Lamar to Guadalupe surfaced on Twitter unveiling a possible 12 mile, more than $2 billion plan.

Peck said the project still has a long way to go with public engagement, board approval and funding.

Capital Metro hopes to have a draft proposal plan by this summer.