Preschool pianist's Carnegie Hall debut postponed due to lack of COVID-19 vaccines for children

The 4-year-old who was on track for an onstage performance at Carnegie Hall won’t be able to participate in the concert hall’s winners’ recital this year because there are no coronavirus vaccines available for her age group.

Brigitte Xie from Ridgefield, Connecticut, was recently pulled out from the event, according to a report from South West News Service (SWNS).

Her mother, Nicole Sun, told the news agency that Brigitte isn’t all that disappointed because Carnegie Hall isn’t really on her radar.

"She doesn’t know much, to be honest – I tell her, 'Yeah baby you won the prize,' and she was like 'OK, can we go to Disney store now?'" Sun recalled during an interview with SWNS.

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She went on, "[Brigitte] doesn’t even know what Carnegie Hall is but I tell her, 'You're going to perform in front of many people' and she seemed excited because she likes performing."

Brigitte earned the honor to perform at Carnegie Hall when she won first place at the Elite International Music Competition and the American Protégé International Music Talent Competition this spring at age 3.

The winners’ recital was scheduled to take place at the famous New York concert hall in November, but the ongoing coronavirus pandemic appears to have interrupted the plans.

According to SWNS, performers are required to be vaccinated in order to play at Carnegie Hall.

Unfortunately for Brigitte, there are only COVID-19 vaccines available for children age 12 and up at this time while pharmaceutical companies work on developing vaccines for younger age groups.

Several parenting groups, medical officials and educators have urged the FDA to expedite research and approval for additional pediatric vaccines against the novel coronavirus as children under the age of 12 return to school while the Delta variant continues to spread throughout the U.S.

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Representatives at Carnegie Hall did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

Brigitte’s performance has been rescheduled for November 2022, according to SWNS.

The preschooler first began learning how to play the piano when the pandemic began. Within six months Brigitte learned how to read sheet music and could perform works from Beethoven and Mozart.

Her teacher, Felicia Feng Zhang – the founder of All Talent Academy, told Fox News in June that Brigitte received a First Class Honor grade from the Royal Conservatory of Music Exam Level 1. Zhang said Brigitte is likely the youngest person to take this third-level exam.

"In this exam: She needs to play three pieces by memory, two pieces read music,  technique requirements in major, minor scales, ear training, sight-reading, rhythm clap back, listening and playback and etc." Zhang explained in an email at the time. "She took the exam through Zoom with the judge."

Zhang went on, "I have taught children from 2.5-years-old and above. Brigitte is also considered [one of] the youngest, since she started her piano lesson just a couple months after her [third birthday]."

Brigitte turned 4 on June 19. She will hopefully be able to make her Carnegie Hall debut next year at the age of 5.