Principal changed grades at San Marcos High School

As FOX 7 reported last week the principal resigned. After further discussion Monday at a board of trustees meeting, the superintendent says the investigation is just beginning.

San Marcos CISD officials say former San Marcos High School principal Kelli Lopez changed somewhere between 80 and 100 student's grades, and it's been going on for a while.

“2014-15 and also 2015-16,” said Michael Cardona, San Marcos CISD superintendent.

Lopez admitted doing the deed in a resignation letter. Cardona says she changed the grades from failing to passing.

“Kids who had earned over the period of the year a 69, that grade was changed,” he said.

Cardona says in Texas, the only people allowed to change grades are the teachers on record for those students.  In a board of trustees meeting Monday, the district discussed further steps  and they say the investigation is still ongoing.

“We don't know if there were other grades we know based on what the previous principal said,” said Cardona.

There is no clear reason why Lopez altered the grades, but Cardona has an idea.

“I think she had an impetus to help students,” said Cardona.

Regardless of the pressure to perform, there is a line that educators cannot cross.

“I think there is this built in pressure from the outside. Education is one of the most scrutinized areas. Everybody has their opinion about education. I think we still have a responsibility to enforce the laws,” said Cardona.

The board of trustees says they are confident in the way the superintendent is handling this situation. They will have an update on any corrective measures on October 17.