Private pilot flies 15 dogs from Del Rio to Austin Humane Society

The Austin Humane Society has 15 more dogs up for adoption after a private pilot transported them from Del Rio. 

The goal is to help all those pups find a new home for the holidays.  

After a 200 mile trip through the Texas air, 15 lucky dogs landed in Austin where their dreams of a better life are closer to reality. 

"So this is the largest amount of animals that he has transported... He said they were barking a lot before they took off and then, once they got in the air, it was silent because they all fell asleep, which is adorable," said Katie Kennedy, director of communications for the Austin Humane Society. 

Private pilot Jason Rhode, a longtime supporter of the Austin Humane Society, agreed to transport the pack from the Texas border city to the capital. 

"Del Rio has not yet achieved no-kill status and so, to save the lives of these animals and to give them a better chance, that’s why we brought them back to Austin," Kennedy said. 


Once they arrived at the shelter in North Austin, the work to find them a home for the holidays began. 

"Most of the dogs we get in are mixed breed, we don’t really know what their specific breed is, but I know that we definitely have at least one pug mix, it’s very obvious that it’s a pug, and then we also have a Maltese in this transport that we got today," said Kennedy. 

Because of COVID-19 safety protocols, all adoptions at the Austin Humane Society are happening virtually right now. Anyone who sees a dog they like on the website can set up a Zoom call to get a better idea of the pup’s temperament. 

"Then all of our adult animals are leaving on a one week foster to adopt program so if you want to move forward we do a curbside pick up where you just pull up and we put the animal in your car and you’re off on that one week to test it out," Kennedy said. 

The nine dogs and six puppies from Del Rio should be up on the website by Tuesday night.

If you want to help but cannot adopt, AHS does also accepts online donations.