Protesters voice concerns about APD following officer involved shooting

Protesters gathered at the Rosemont at Oak Valley apartment complex Saturday night, voicing concerns about the Austin Police Department, following a Friday night shooting. 

Warning: Video may contain images some viewers find disturbing. 

The protesters chanted “How do you spell murderers? APD! How do you spell racists APD!”  as police executed a search warrant related to Friday's shooting across the street in a parking lot where the shooting occurred. 

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Austin Police Chief Brian Manley says officers were originally dispatched to the parking lot just after 6:30 p.m. Friday, “We received a 911 call. The caller stated that they could see people in the car, in the parking lot, doing drugs. They also stated that they could see the male subject holding a gun and they described the car.” he said. 

The incident that followed was filmed by several residents. 

Chief Manley says officers arrived at the complex at 6:35 p.m. He says they waited to proceed until several officers arrived because they received information that the car was believed to be linked to several burglaries and that someone allegedly evaded police in the vehicle on Thursday. 

Cellphone video shows officers giving commands to a man standing outside the drivers-side door of the car in question. They can be heard telling the man “walk towards us, walk towards us!” 

“At one point he appears to have his hands in the air while he’s showing his waist. Typically, that would be demonstrating that there is no weapon in the waistband. He is yelling back at the officers various things” Manley said.  

Video shows the man shouting “I ain’t got no f---ing guns no what the f---” 

Officers can be heard responding “Walk towards us, walk towards us. On your knees [man's name] comply with us. Comply with us. Comply with us.” 

The man responds “on your knees for what.” The exchanges that follow are inaudible. The man is shot with a bean bag. 

Residents of the complex can be heard shouting at police, asking why they are shooting. After being shot, the man runs into the car and tries to drive away. At that point, one officer fires a lethal weapon, his rifle, at least three shots can be heard. 

“And the vehicle then drives down a short distance and appears to have crashed into a parked vehicle at that time,” Manley explained. 

The man was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. A woman was also inside the car, she was unharmed. Friday night she was in police custody. 

Friday night police had not located a weapon but said they were working to obtain a search warrant to search the car. No update was provided, but an APD source confirmed the department was executing a search warrant Saturday night during the protest. 

The shooting is under investigation. 

“It’s very clear what happened here and I don’t think it requires too much investigation,” said Celia Albarado. Albarado has lived in the area for two decades with her family. “It’s good to try to be more conscious controlling our emotions, mostly I think that the police were stressed,” she said. She mentioned she is “thankful for the police” and that they responded to the call but is “heartbroken” that a “human being” has lost their life. 

Note: The man’s name has circulated in protests and social media but FOX 7 Austin is not releasing the name until we receive confirmation his family has been notified.