Protestors continue gathering at Texas Capitol to fight for abortion rights

The fight continues for dozens of pro-choice supporters who gathered at the Capitol once again to continue their battle for abortion rights.

"The pressure is absolutely vital now for us to stay in the streets, for us to organize, and for us to be extremely prepared to fight for this right," said Griffith.

This has been one of many pro-choice protests to happen since the supreme court draft opinion jeopardizing Roe v. Wade was released to the public almost two weeks ago. The court will vote on whether to overturn the ruling in the upcoming months. A decision these protesters hope to influence.

"I will stop coming out here when [abortion] is legal everywhere in the country, for a woman to have autonomy over her own body, to make her own reproductive choices. Her decision should be between herself and her doctor," said Anna, a pro-choice supporter.


Pro-choice supporters say they do not plan on stopping these type of protests anytime soon.

"We will continue this fight. We will continue attending protests and organizing protests. We will be wherever it is that people are, that people are organizing, and we will be fighting back as much as we possibly can," said Griffith.