Public memorial service for hot air balloon crash victims

A public memorial service was held to remember the victims of the deadly hot air balloon crash that killed 16 people. It was held on the East lawn of the Caldwell County Courthouse.

There was a moment of silence at 7:42 a.m. which is when the balloon crashed.

The crash killed 16 people. The victims include:

  • Balloon pilot Alfred "Skip" Nichols
  • Lorilee Brabson
  • Paige Brabson
  • Ross Chalk
  • Sandra Chalk
  • Laura Douglas
  • Scott Douglas 
  • Stacee Gore
  • John Gore
  • Joe Owens
  • Tresa Owens
  • Holly Huckabee
  • Brian Neill
  • Tressie Neill
  • Matt Rowan
  • Sunday Rowan

During the service, investigators said that they had officially identified all but one victim. They are waiting on DNA lab results before officially releasing the final name. Investigators say there's evidence the balloon came into contact with high voltage power lines and then exploded after the basket hit the ground.