Rain rolls into Central Texas

“We take if very seriously and We realize it’s an inconvenience to the residents but again we want people to be safe and turn around don’t drown.” Max Westbrook, with the Rollingwood Police Department says Sunday was a routine for he and his staff. 

Heavy rain rolled into central Texas. Causing road closures in parts of Austin, Kyle, and Buda. On Edgegrove Drive, near Bee Cave Road water was at risk to crest. Which is why officials blocked off the entrance into this neighborhood. 

“And it won’t take long for the water to be raging right on top of the roads so we’d rather be safe than sorry,” Westbrook says.

Over in Buda on Garrison Road puddles which indicated water did exceed the level of a bridge. We checked ATXfloods.com to see what other roads were blocked off and for other low water crossing areas. 

Back over on Edgegrove Drive the Rollingwood Police Department says it may seem unusual to folks, seeing barricades without downpour but they like to stay ready. Especially because of a traumatic incident for their department a few years ago. 

“We unfortunately had an individual that would have been swept away in the current and one of the Rollingwood officers attempted to save her and then he himself was in a great deal of peril and we were very fortunate not to lose him in that incident,” Westbook adds.

“Just be aware it is a low water crossing and something that’s a little unusual people think it’s not raining on us now but it’s following upstream so the water can come up to the road very quickly and can cause a great deal of concern not only for cars but certainly for pedestrians if they’re trying to cross.”