Rapid COVID-19 test takes only 15 minutes to determine presence of coronavirus

A COVID-19 testing option can determine whether a patient has the virus and it only takes 15 minutes.

The rapid COVID-19 nasal swab test is similar to the typical swab test, but instead of sending the test off to a lab, clinics are able to test in-house and get results instantly.

“The fact that we can do a test in office and deliver the results in 15 minutes is really a game-changer for our city, for our state and our nation,” said Robert Sek.

Sek is the Founder and CEO of Total Primary Care, one of the clinics offering rapid COVID-19 nasal swab antigen testing.

“Before when you're doing a nasal swab and sending it out and waiting so long whenever the cases spiked in Texas recently, and it takes so long for the results to come back, it really is important for us to know right away if somebody is positive or negative,” he said.

Sek says this test is the same test that Major League Baseball has been using to test its players and staff for the new season. Even though the test isn't new, it's new to clinics like Total Primary who are now able to test all in house.

“Sending it out to a third-party lab, it can take up to up to 10 days to get the results back and so, therefore, the fact that we can do this in office and deliver the results in 15 minutes has been very valuable,” he said.


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Sek says providers at the clinic are currently testing men, women and children who are asymptomatic.

“Because there's so many people out there that need to return to work or other things that want to know if they might have the virus and so therefore, you come in, it's a very quick procedure, it's done in office, and then we're able to deliver the results in about 15 minutes in office,” said Sek.

The test has a 96% accuracy rate and the cost is covered by most major insurance companies.


“If you don't have insurance, we'll bring you in for an office visit with our provider and all testing and the cost without insurance is $199,” said Sek.

To book an appointment to get tested, click here for Total Men's locations and here for Total Primary Care locations.


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